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Astroworld Festival Lawsuit

The Martin Law Firm Files Suit Against Travis Scott Astroworld Festival

The Martin Law Firm is representing several families of the victims and those injured in the

Astroworld Festival. The mass casualty left 8 attendees dead, 25 hospitalized and over hundreds injured. During Travis Scott’s performance, a crowd surge increased, putting concert go-ers at risk. The Astroworld catastrophe, injuring and killing several concert attendees, was preventable.

The lawsuit calls for answers as to why security measures were not in place to protect concert goers. Furthermore, this type of incident with several unanswered questions about security should never happen again.

As an avid festival attendee for the last 10+ years and an active member of the Houston community, Clark Martin can attest that what happened was 100% preventable. As a result, the Martin Law Firm is moving aggressively to punish those that allowed such events to occur. The Astroworld Music Festival should have made security a top priority to keep concert attendees safe.

If you were at the event and have any photographs or video showing the events that occurred, please contact the Martin Law Firm so we can use that information as evidence in the case to find justice for our clients.